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Real Estate is an excellent investment choice, but when it’s time to sell, it has one major flaw.

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That's where we come in...

American Fiduciary Services can defer the capital gain taxes on the sale of a primary residence, investment property, business, or almost any highly appreciated asset by placing the proceeds in a Deferred Sales Trust.

Why use a Deferred Sales Trust?

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What is a Deferred Sales Trust?

The Deferred Sales Trust is a legal contract between you (the note holder) and a third-party trust.
When you sell a primary residence, investment property, or business to a Deferred Sales Trust, this trust provides a contractual promise to pay you a predetermined amount over time in the form of an installment sale note or promissory note.
The Deferred Sales Trust gives you the ability to control your capital gain and state income tax exposure, investment returns, and installment payments made from the trust.

Why Choose Mike Woloshin as Your Trustee?

Mike Woloshin has been an investment advisor for over 35 years and is the Managing Director of Woloshin Investment Management, a full-service investment management company.
Mike also has been an active trustee for more than two decades. Most individuals selling real estate would like to save taxes on the appreciation. DST receives the proceeds of the sale 100% tax deferred and is invested for growth and income purposes.
With his investment management experience as a trustee, Mike makes sure the investments in the trust are not just suitable, but structured and allocated to accomplish the note holder’s goals.
Mike Woloshin

Michael Woloshin is an Approved Deferred Sales Trust - Trustee

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There are many financial services professionals that provide a wide variety of investment choices.
Few of them have experienced a serious market downturn.
Mike has proven multiple times that he knows how to sail your financial ship through rough weather and prosper.
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